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Whatever happened to Tannu Tuva?

Where is Tannu Tuva ?

These questions entertained Richard Feynman between his transient thoughts concerning the nature of the universe

Who is Richard Feynman?

Probably one of the coolest physicists ever. He got a Nobel prize for his work on Quantum Electrodynamics. He liked to hang around bars when he was contemplating the meaning of the universe. He liked playing bongos. He collected stamps as a kid and had some from Tannu Tuva. He wanted to travel to this mysterious place. He died before he got there. Try Richard Feynman.

So what about Tannu Tuva?
It is still there and they still live in yurts
Try Real Mongolians in a yurt

And here is a page about Tannu Tuva

What do people in Tannu Tuva look and sound like

Well here are some

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